HOJ.LIFE KLIP Herb Grinder

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Engineering Perfection

The HOJ.LIFE KLIP herb grinder is manufactured by precision and is a new-age grinder that slices your herbs rather than grinding them. With custom-built dual blades, it creates a much fluffier consistency of the herbs that are easier to burn and lets you churn out every bit of its taste.

Magnetic Mechanism

The grinder comes in-built with opposing magnets that suspend the central pin in mid-air, thereby reducing its contact with the sides through levitation. This provides for an almost frictionless turn. 


KLIP’s magnetic accessory system includes three different control discs, three collection meshes and a funnel, all of which snap effortlessly into the place that gives you fine herb for cones, coarsely cut herb for pipes and everything in between.

Built for everyone

The HOJ.LIFE KLIP herb grinder is convenient for all, including those with limited dexterity. It opens magnetically with a twist of only 10-degrees and can be effortlessly spun in 1-degree increments. It's a powerful grinder built for everyone, from a novice smoker to a connoisseur one!

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