Clear the clutter and roll in peace!

Get small rolling trays that don’t let your trip go rogue on you, clumsiness and absentmindedness get the best of us!

Our small trays come in all kinds of cute, funky designs to keep the vibe in check. You may never find a reason to complain about ruined rolling papers or lost roaches with these in your arsenal.

These nifty little godsends are extremely portable, they fit in little handbags as well as chunky backpacks. Their curved edges prevent herb wastage so one can sit back, relax and use them on the go sans hassles. 

Whether you love keeping your smoking accessories organized or you're giving up on keeping track of your papers, you can partake in some of our vibrant designs and get rollin'.

Grab one today to redeem points, exciting rewards and so much more!

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