Tobacco Alternatives

Looking to cut down the nicotine habit and adopt the healthy way? Having a hard time being apart from your cigarettes? The answer lies in organic herbal tobacco, the only tobacco alternatives that genuinely help. At Olivastu, we stock a large collection of organic herbal tobacco, with the choicest selection of terpene blend and flavours, making your no-tobacco lifestyle an easy one. We only intend to serve you the best herbal tobacco in town!

The nicotine-free tobacco helps to avoid cigarette craving while ensuring your taste buds have a gala time. From Real Leaf, Greengo, Knaster to Proffessor Herb, we stock all the trusted and authentic brands catering to a host of audience. There are no hidden ingredients, and you are offered only natural terpenes, flavours, and organic tobacco. 

Read the product label for more information on ingredients, and choose the healthy, no-nicotine way.

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