Straight Tube Bongs

Looking for the best straight tube bongs? We have it all! Straight tube beaker bong is one of the most preferred methods of smoking cannabis. They have elongated necks and are made up of thick material. The bong comes in various shapes, sizes and colours. Add a clear straight tube bong to your collection to add a premium touch to it. 

You can find large and mini straight tube bongs, depending on the size you prefer. From basic to advanced, many styles and designs of straight bong are available with us. This is one of the top-selling products as it is easy to handle and gives the smoker the ability to get high slowly and smoothly. Ranging from high to low cost, there are bongs with ice pinches that provide extra cool hits before inhalation.

Made up of various robust materials like borosilicate glass, acrylic, and many more, this glass bong stands straight. As a straight beaker bong has a narrow mouthpiece, it doesn't hit your lungs with a huge amount of smoke directly. They have great pedestal bases that keep their base secured. 

Choose straight tube beaker bong from the top brands like Chongz, Cheeky One, Half Baked, Bounce, Justin Hale, Basil Bush and many more. Find a variety of straight tube bongs for sale!

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