To start with, E-liquid, E-juice, and Vape Juice are the same thing. They are all used in E-cigarettes and Vapes, which when heated are converted into flavoursome and smooth smoke. There are hundreds of types of liquids that are produced ranging from high nicotine strength blend to high VG blend.

Let's first understand how these E liquids are made.

The two main ingredients that make the vapour are propylene glycol(PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG). Apart from these, nicotine and flavour are used to enhance the smoking experience. Four of the ingredients are food graded substances with nicotine being extracted from tobacco plants. Nicotine and flavour are 8% to 10% of the total composition of e-juice. E-liquid UK also makes use of the said ingredients to ensure a safe and tasty product. 

Vaping provides a cleaner smoking experience as the E liquids or any other material is not burned in order to produce smoke. They are only heated until turned into a vapour. There are no toxins and damaging by-products found in Vape juice as it is usually found in combustible tobacco.

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If you're looking for the best e-liquid UK, Olivastu is the one-stop shop for you. You can find a variety of E liquids, ranging from Short fill e-liquids to Nicotine Shots. Our vape juice also ranges from zero nicotine content to the maximum prescribed level. Choose your blend from a host of trusted brands and reputable E-liquid suppliers.

Short Fill e-liquids

Short fill e-liquids are underfilled bottles of e-juices, which gives them the name. The key feature of Short fill e-liquids is that it does not contain any nicotine. The extra room in the bottle is for nicotine shots, which can be added as per desire. Also known as Shake n' Vape, these are some of the most sought after Vape Juice. Try out from a range of premium e-liquid UK!

The history of Short Fill e-liquids

A new vape regulation came out in 2007, which limited the size of nicotine-containing e-liquids. With this law came a host of unsatisfied vape smokers who preferred a larger bottle of E juice as it was economical and environmentally friendly. Short-fill liquids came to solve the solution, as these can be sold in large bottles, without having to curb the regulations. The demand swarmed in from cloud chasers who use high powered devices. 

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Who should use these E -liquids?

Short fill e-liquids have a high VG content which gives them a thicker consistency. This makes it non-compatible with e-cigarettes or Vapes that have coils with high resistance as the ticker vape juice burns out the coil. The Short fill e-liquids are curated for cloud smokers with low resistance coil and larger ports that can handle the consistency of the liquid.

Short-fill e-liquids are not the best option for people who favour stronger nicotine levels as there is still regulation on the nicotine shots. Olivastu E-liquid Shop stocks the biggest collection of vape juices in various flavours, brand names, and more!


Sweet- For all those sweet-toothed vapers, this flavour has a gentle yet luscious tone to it. From blueberries to strawberries, we have one in every flavour.

Tobacco- For all those wanting a strong hit of tobacco, this flavour is perfect for them.

Menthol- A flavour with a cooling sensation that brings a refreshing hit to the vape.

Savoury- Savoury is the kind of rich flavour that stays with you long after you have kept the vape down. You can find a variety of e-liquids online along with multiple different flavours, nicotine strengths, and more!

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots are what accompany your Short-fill e-liquids. They are usually unflavoured and added to Short-fill, increasing the overall volume and nicotine content of the e-juice. Once the fully compliant TPD nicotine shots are added to the vape juice, it increases the nicotine content from 0mg to up to 3mg.

Additionally, they can also be used for discreet vaping or topping up on nicotine.

Nicotine E-salt liquids

Nicotine E-salt liquids are the natural salt found in the tobacco leaves which produces a smoother, and soft smoke with a lesser throat-hit. It allows passionate vapers to use higher nicotine than found in usual e liquids. As it is absorbed more quickly than traditional freebase e-liquids, it creates a nicotine "fix" quite similar to smoking.

Nic Salts are usually used with Pod Mods, as they are high in PG, making it a great substitute for someone who is trying to give up on cigarettes. Nic Salts, with their qualities, are also aimed towards new vapers or with starter kits. Try this premium e-liquid in the UK! 


Pods are pre-filled or refillable cartridges that hold the e liquid and are used in something called mini vape. The cartridge can be fit into the battery which powers the vape. Also known as vape pods, mini vapes, pod vapes, or pod mods, these come in manual and automatic formats.

There are two different types of pod mods that you can get at Olivastu:

  1. Prefilled pod systems: Prefilled pod system does not allow the user to refill the pod with another e-liquid. Also known as closed-system vapes, they can only be replaced by the same manufacturer. The prefilled pod system allows new vapers to get away from the hassle of choosing flavours and refilling cartridges, but on the other hand, it also makes it extremely limited in terms of flavours.
  2. Refillable pod systems: As the name suggests, these pods can be refilled manually once the e-juice has been consumed. It is also known as open system vapes as it gives the liberty to choose from a broad range of flavours.

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