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Making for a great supplement to your smoking collection, these 1 1/2" rolling papers are great for any smoking event. The RAW 1 1/2" rolling papers are the finest papers that are enjoyed by people who relish deep, smooth & relaxing vapor.

The introduction of these papers has evolved the smoking landscape forever by offering smokers high quality, naturally refined rolling papers that are free from any added chalks or dyes.

These papers are 76-78 mm in length & 60-62 mm in width and are designed to keep your smokes burning gently and smoothly to provide you with the best smokes you want from a rolling paper. Hence, you can enjoy your rolling sessions the RAWthentic way with the vegan, chlorine-free, unbleached papers that don't have any additives. 

Provides everything you need to roll a masterpiece and to have a kick-ass smoking session!

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