Hookah is a water pipe that is specially curated for the consumption of specially made tobacco that is available in different flavours ranging from fruity ones to dank ones. They are slightly different from bongs, but they both use the same mechanism to produce vapour. Even though it originated in Arab Countries, Hookahs or Shisha are finding more popularity in the UK with a hookah shop sprouting in every corner. 

The water pipe consists of a glass body with a water chamber, a stem, a bowl, and a hose. It is usually very social even to smoke a hookah since the bowl burns for a long time, and the hose can be passed around in large groups. The water cools down the smoke, and the vapour from the Hookah is usually very flavoursome and cool. And since we know the broad spectrum of customers that come here, we have stocked a variety of shisha flavours to satisfy all kinds of palettes. 

We are one of the best online hookah shops, catering to all the shisha enthusiasts in the UK. Our hookah shop is equipped with all the brands, from the most economical ones to the high-end products that offer an excellent smoking experience. The most beautiful piece from our hookah smoke shop is the Stundenglass Glass Gravity Hookah that is propelled by kinetic energy.

Choose Olivastu for all your hookah shopping needs, including shisha pipes, bowls, and other accessories in all sizes & variety. Shop from the best hookah shop and avail free shipping, next day delivery, discounts, and much more.

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