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Pen kits and mods are great alternatives to rolling a doobie. These vape pens and mods are easy to use and are loaded with various features like temperature regulators and many more. They are easy to charge. You will find a USB cable with the pack to charge it up easily.

You can find brands like Amphora, Ignite and many more to make your vaping experience smoother and better. Infused Amphora Compass Vape Series is designed to track your wellness. They have a high battery life and can work for long hours. It is curated to support all kinds of Infused Amphora CBD Vape Cartridge. Infused Amphora Craftsman series is another elite range of vape pens. They are premium and have an interesting design and layout as compared to ordinary vape pens. 

Amphora's Vista Pen Series are perfect to add in your vape collections. They work great with Amphora vape cartridges. Ignite ONE Rechargeable Vape device is another interesting vape device that works great. It has a USB charging cable and CBD pod of your choice. It does not have any psychoactive effects on the user.

They are very user-friendly CBD mods. You can easily refill it with your favourite flavoured e-liquid. We offer top brands like Ignite CBD, Infused Amphora and many more.

Scroll through our website for amazing vape pen kits and mods.

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