Pre Rolled

Blunts are made from tobacco leaves or non-tobacco material, giving them a light brown tinge that differentiates them from other rolling paper. Composition and thickness of the wrap provide a smooth, even and slow burn throughout the session.

Rolling your cigarettes is an art and not everyone can roll the perfectly packed blunt. Whether you're new to rolling or you're simply running short on time and just need a quick puff, or you simply don't like rolling your cigarettes, pre-rolled blunt wraps are a great and hassle-free way to enjoy a smoke without having to hand-roll.

Our shop has a collection of zig zag pre-rolled blunt wrap, cyclone pre-rolled blunt wraps, hemp wrap blunt cones, and a variety of flavoured pre-rolled blunt wraps. We stock the best pre-rolled blunt wraps, making sure you experience a surreal smoking experience.

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