Being one of the most essential smoking accessories, you need this with every type of smoking equipment. Whether you need to light your joint or your bong, lighters help you with your perfect hit.

From Windproof lighters, torch lighters, to refillable ones, the usual traditional type of lighter has been replaced by innovative, quirky, and useful designs. It has almost become a style statement to carry a light that no one has ever seen before.

Olivastu stacks several different lighters, ranging from Cigarette lighters to electronic lighters. All out lighters comply with BS EN ISO 9994 (Lighter safety standards) and they are child-resistant. From the very famous Zippo lighters, clipper lighter, cigarette lighter, Dunhill lighter to even windproof lighter, Olivastu has all your lighting needs covered.

Our range of Turbo flame lighters helps to light your bongs or water pipes. For lighting joints, blunts, and cigarettes, we have a wide collection of clipper lighters that gives you the perfect flame.

Gone are the days of lighting your stash outdoor with the usual flame lighters. Shop from our collection of windproof lighters that still light during a windy day or a sunny one.

If you're not a fan of flame, Olivastu offers a decent range of electric lighters that have a circular heating element which heats up to a sufficient temperature to light your cigarette. These are chargeable lighters via the USB port which means you can use them even when you're away from the power as long as the battery lasts.

From quality lighters to the cheap ones, we have the widest collection of lighters in the UK. Get the best price, along with free and swift delivery, all over the country.

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