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A bong is a spectacular device that you can use when you want to enjoy smoking dry herb cannabis and having a good time in the process. Bongs prevent your tongue from directly getting into contact with the ash or smoke and ensure a smooth drag every time. Bongs work with cool water, ice catchers, and percolators to deliver a delightful and smooth smoking experience. However, the richness of the smoking experience that you can have with bongs depends a lot on the accessories that you use.


Bong accessories are a quintessential part of using bongs and they can significantly improve your smoking experience when you use them properly. If you have already purchased your bong and you are looking for ways in which you can boost your smoking experience, then you need to stock on drop pipes, screens and gauze, bong bowls, bong converters, cleaning supplies, and other tools that can ensure a better user experience with bongs every time. So, if you are planning to buy online bong accessories, then we at Olivastu can help you streamline your search for the finest bong accessories in the world and present them all under one roof.       


One of the best things about using bongs is that you get to explore the features and uses of many different kinds of accessories that can boost your smoking experience manifold. Here at Olivastu, you can buy numerous types of bong accessories that are designed and produced by some of the best brands in the business. Our products have been tried and tested to deliver the best performance in all circumstances and are reviewed positively by our users.


Here is a look at the bong accessories and parts you can find online at our store.


Different Types of Bong Accessories

As you start exploring the different types of bong accessories that you can find in our store, you will notice that there are so many of them and you are not sure what you want. While some accessories can deliver smoother hits every time and ensure complete satisfaction for you, others are more functional and can keep your herbs in the right place as you keep on smoking them.  


No matter what your personal preferences might be, you will find the right kind of bong accessories when you choose to visit our store.


Drop Pipes

The drop pipes are considered to be some of the most essential tools for anyone who is into using bongs. Also referred to as down pipes or down stems, these pipes can slide into the bongs on one side and then offer support to the bowl on the other side. This in turn can guide the smoke to move from the bong to the bong through the pipe.  


Certain drop pipes have unique diffusers. These diffusers are little perforations in the glass through which the smoke can move. In this way, an additional layer of smoothness is added to the smoke which can minimize the harshness of the hits.


The drop pipes are usually found in 29.2mm, 18.8mm, and 14.5mm ground joint sizes. However, you can also place orders for custom variations that can be found within the range of 14.5mm and 18.8mm. These units can easily fit with the 18.8mm bowls and 14.5mm bongs and offer you greater freedom and flexibility of choice.


Bong Bowls

Another popular accessory that you can use with your bongs is the bong bowl. The bong bowls help in keeping the herbs right in their proper place as you light them. If you are looking to get the best user experience while you use a bong, you should get a bong bowl to achieve that goal.


You can find bong bowls in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. The diverse looks and designs in which these products are available serve to add a fine aesthetic touch to the whole experience of using a bong. 


Bong Converters

Do you have the habit of trying out many different kinds of accessories with your bongs? Then you should consider getting some top-quality bong converters that will help you to get the most out of them.


With a bong converter, you can combine many kinds of bong accessories like bowls to have a more profound smoking experience. Using these accessories can bring you more flexibility when you are looking to enjoy your water pipes.


Ash Catchers

The ash catcher is a tool that is used to prevent the ash from getting into your bong bowl. Therefore, when you use these for your smoking sessions, you do not have to clean the bong frequently. Another benefit of using the ash catchers is that you get to have an additional layer of filtration that can enhance your overall smoking experience. So if you are looking to get the smooth hits normally associated with percolator bongs, make sure that you buy a good quality ash catcher.


Bong Cleaners

You must keep your bong clean at all times so that you can have the best smoking experience every time. You are not going to enjoy smoking from filthy bongs. Moreover, doing so can be damaging to your health and extremely dangerous. This is why you need to use bong cleaners to get your bongs cleaned at regular intervals. This will ensure good health for you and also help you to enjoy the smoking experience. The bong cleaners are very cheap and they are essential for your smoking sessions.


Gauzes and Screens

Screens and gauze are important accessories that you can use when you use your bongs. Although they are ignored by many, they are important when it comes to filtering the ash as well as other materials so that you do not have them in your bowl or your bong while smoking. The screens and gauze units can also improve the quality of the airflow as you take the big hits. This is because they help to raise the herbs within your bowl so that you can benefit from greater surface area for your herbs.    


Bong Brushes

The bong brush is yet another important accessory that you should consider buying. In most cases, you can use your bong cleaner to clean the bongs. However, in some cases, you will need to deal with stubborn traces of resin and grime and you need to use a bong brush for that. This is particularly true if you are using a glass bong. 


Other essential bong accessories

There are numerous types of bong accessories that you can find in the market that are all equally useful. For instance, you can get a bag to carry your bong and additional accessories if you are someone who likes to use his bong on the go. This can also work well with glass bongs that have percolators.


A bong 'keck' or a bong clip is something you can use when you want to join the drop pipe and the bowl together. This can make it convenient for you to pull out the bowl and start smoking.


Additionally, if you have a large number of bowls in different sizes and designs, you can consider buying bowl holders that can display your bowls smoothly in an upright manner and prevent them from sliding out and breaking.


Which bong accessories are right for me?

Do you feel unsure about the bong accessories that you need to have and would like to have some expert guidance? Then you can get in touch with us at or give us a call at 0871 2340 638 and we will be glad to assist you with your needs. We have been a part of the smoking and vaping industry for a long time and we can provide answers to all your questions when you are looking to buy bong accessories. .


We offer Next-Day Delivery for Bong Accessories

Here at Olivastu, we have an extensive stock of bong accessories and we can offer you next-day delivery if you are looking for that. We maintain complete discretion while attending to our customer’s needs and can ship your products to you without any damage.

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