So, you're telling me there's a thing called King Size Regular Papers? Sounds like something a royal stoner would use. "Pass me the King Size Regular Papers, my good chap!" I can just imagine a bunch of fancy, well-dressed people sitting around, puffing on their joints with these regal papers. Maybe they even have a tiny crown printed on each paper, just to make it extra fancy.

But really, who needs King Size Regular Papers? I mean, how big do you want your joint to be? Are you trying to roll a joint the size of a baseball bat or something? Are you planning on sharing it with the entire kingdom? I don't know about you, but I think regular-sized papers are perfectly fine for the average stoner. Plus, it's much easier to hide a regular-sized joint than one the size of an elephant's trunk.

But hey, if you're feeling extra royal and want to roll a joint fit for a king, then go ahead and grab yourself some King Size Regular Papers. Just be prepared for people to bow down to your joint-rolling skills. And maybe invest in a tiny sceptre to complete the whole royal experience. Because if you're going to roll a king-sized joint, you might as well go all out, right?

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