Silicone Bongs

We know we love them! 

So, we bring to you a host of options to pick from.

Built with high-grade silicone, these bongs are not just easy to maintain but also very easy to use. 

The virtually indestructible silicone is accompanied by stainless steel mesh screens, vibrant shades and amazing designs. Our range of silicone bongs ensures that you zhush up every rip.

Ideal for festivals and perfect for travel, they are extremely lightweight and handy- from small to big, according to your preferences. You can find bongs with bubblers, horn glass & silicone bongs and those which come in cute designs or even as cups!

Now let the sesh not be restricted to your couch! 

Grab them only on Olivastu to avail free, discreet shipping and valuable rewards!

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  1. PieceMaker K9 Silicone Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  2. Bounce! Creamy 99 Silicone Bong 16cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  3. Bounce! Crazy Print Silicone Skittle Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  4. Bounce! Silicone Smooth Bong - 15cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  5. Bounce! Silicone Skittle Bong - 18cm
    Free Delivery in UK
  6. Bounce! Classic Silicone Straight Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  7. Bounce! Lean Back Crazy Print Silicone Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  8. Bounce! Microscope Silicone & Glass Hybrid Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  9. Bounce! Jurgen Horn Glass Water Pipe Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  10. PieceMaker Klutch Silicone Water Pipe Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
  11. PieceMaker Kommuter Lid
    Free Delivery in UK
    PieceMaker Kommuter Lid
    As low as $41.17
  12. PieceMaker Kolt Glow in Dark Water Pipe Bong
    Free Delivery in UK
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