Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizing is the new alternative to smoking a joint or a blunt. Easier to handle, more convenient, and healthier, it has grabbed the market with more and more smokers turning to vape. With the ever-growing market, many different types of vapes have introduced themselves over the years ranging from smoking herbs to concentrates. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers, as the name suggests is used to smoke herbs and flower buds. From weed vaporizers to medicinal marijuana vapes, many different types of vaporizers have become prominent. 

Let's look at the advantages of vaping. Dry Herb Vaporizers use the conduction or convention method to produce vapour which is a healthier and safer way to smoke. On the other hand, all other smoking accessories use the combustion method to produce smoke. The difference between these two methods is that while combustion burns the substance to produce smoke, conduction or convection method uses heat to vaporize the substance. This eliminates the addition of harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide, and other unwanted by-products. Vaping only allows the active ingredient to reach your lungs, making it a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking. It also makes sure that you experience the true and real flavour of the herbs.

There are many different types of Dry Herb and weed Vaporizers. Starting with the most common one, Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers. As the name implies, a portable weed vaporizer is small in size and available in many different shapes. They are perfect for those who like to smoke on the go and are using it alone. 

There are several types of Portable Vaporizers with rechargeable batteries, adjustable temperatures, along with conduction or convection type of heat. 

If you're looking for a long smoking session and enjoy smoking the herbs at home, buy desktop vaporizers. These are bulkier in size, and cannot fit into your travel bags. Build to last long, these offer a plethora of features and last for a longer time. It allows you to stash more weed or herbs in the compartment and gives you a quality smoke. 

There are also a few vape pens which allow you to smoke weeds, herbs, and flowers. They are good for on the go smoke but if you're looking for quality smoke, it is better to get a portable vaporizer. 

One of the main differences between a weed vape pen or vaporizers is that it creates vapour instead of smoke. An obvious difference but it does make the smoke dissipate faster and will have a slightly lower smell. The plus point is the herbs will still be as potent as they are while smoking cigarettes. 

The other thing you need to keep in mind while vaping weed and other dry herbs is that you will need a herb grinder. It is important to pick and finely break the herbs before inserting them into the device as bigger pieces will choke it. 

Temperature control is also an important factor when you're purchasing a herbal vaporizer. The most common temperature to vape your dry herbs and weed at is 375 degrees Fahrenheit and most of our vapes are set to that temperature. However, many dry herb vaporizers also offer adjustable temperature settings or full digital temperature control. The temperature that you decide to vape at is completely up to your personal preference. 

At lower temperatures, you get more flavours but less vapour whereas at higher temperatures you get a thicker vape with a more potent hit but fewer flavours. 

If you're looking for the best weed vaporizer or the best dry herb vaporizer in the UK, Olivastu offers them all. From brands like Mighty Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ, Volcano Vaporizer, Arizer, FireFly, and many more, we make sure you find the best suitable vape for your budget and need. If you want suggestions, we have customer support that will help you choose the best dry herb vaporizer, weed vaporizer, or desktop vaporizers in the UK. We guarantee the best price in the market, with discreet and free shipping. 

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