Smoking Accessories

Are you looking for the perfect bong design for a smooth toke, or a lightweight rolling paper to enhance the smoking experience or a biodegradable herb grinder that gives you the smoothest feel?

Smoking accessories and paraphernalia are what makes a difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary smoking session. All these act as your personal arsenal to enhance the experience.


The history of bongs dates back to ancient times, where they were used to smoke leaves, tobacco, flowers, etc. Bongs are the most popular smoking accessory in modern times, enjoying their popularity through varied types, designs, and brands.

A bong consists of a mouthpiece, chamber, stem and bowl (aka cone piece, dooey, etc). The bowl is usually made of metal as the substances are lighted here to be inhaled. The most popular type of bong is glass as it is air and watertight, easy to clean, and durable.

Other types of bongs are acrylic, ceramic, wood and metal. If you're looking to clean out your old bongs and revive them, you will find a bunch of cleaning accessories too!

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are what make your smoking session incredibly personal and customisable. Want a quick smoke before heading out? Use a small-sized rolling paper. Want a complete experience with flavours? Choose from strawberry, grapefruit, and many other flavoured rolling paper. Having a party? Get a king-size rolling paper that lasts around the circle.

You can build up your choice of rolling paper by paying heed to the three factors.

The number one factor, size, ranges from regular size to king-sized and extra-large paper. It all depends whether you're smoking alone or with a gang, or on your personal choice.

The second factor is material, which includes hemp, rice, and paper, each having a slightly different texture and feel.

The third factor is the flavour which completely depends on what you prefer. If you want natural rolling paper, you can go for them or you can choose from a huge range of succulent flavours.

Take your pick from RAW, Juicy Jays, to OCB, and Elements rolling paper!

Roach Tips & Filters

Roach Tips and Filters are a necessary part of smoking of you're looking for a quality time. These help you from inhaling the ash and pieces of tobacco, leaving a ruined taste in your mouth.

Olivastu offers a wide range of Tips and Filters ranging from pre-rolled tips, booklets, and even glass tips to enhance your smoking session!

Dabbing Accessories

A dab rig is a specific type of bong that is usually used to smoke concentrates and oils. Made out of glass, it contains a rig which is similar to a bong and nail, usually made out of titanium, glass, or quartz which holds the heated substance. A classic dab rig includes a glass vapour slide, a 90-degree joint, a recycler and a nail. A butane torch is used to light the substance which is placed in the nail.

Considered as a cleaner smoking experience, it takes two steps to use a dab rig. The first is to warm up the nail, before "dabbing" the substance on it. Once the substance is placed on the nail, the smoke can be inhaled from the mouthpiece.

Surf the largest collection of dabbing accessories including nails, bangers, domes, dab rigs, and ash catchers, only to experience a cleaner and smoother toke better than before!

Herb Grinder

Tired of picking your herbs, and crushing them to a smooth consistency?

Our range of herb grinders saves your time and effort while giving you a readily better smoking session!

Herb grinders are used to crush your legal smoking herbs for a smooth and effortless roll. They are circular and have two parts, an upper and lower one, separated by a pair of sharp roots. When both, the top and bottom part are twisted, the herbs are ground and ready to be made into a joint or used in a bong.

Gone are the days when it would take hours to pick and ground the smoking herbs.

From metal to acrylic to biodegradable, these grinders are available in various sizes. Choose from a range of brands like SantaCruz, Amasterdam, Vibes, etc.

Chillum & Glass Pipes

A chillum is an end-to-end channel conical pipe which was used extensively in the 18th century. It involves an easy process, and therefore popular among smokers. Originally made out of clay, it is now available in various capacities and materials.

Smoking Pipes, on the other hand, usually comprises a chamber, also known as a bowl, and a thin hollow stem (shank) that ends in the mouthpiece. The tobacco or herbs are placed on the bowl and lighted up. It works easily, making it one of the popular smoking accessories.

There are many types of pipes available ranging from bubblers, one-hitters, spoons, to many more.

You can also find many cleaning accessories to keep your smoking pipes and chillum from degrading.

Rolling Machines

Rolling Machines are the easiest way to give your cigarettes the perfect shape and filling. Whether it is tobacco or herbs, the rolling machine adjusts to your size and material needs, resulting in a neatly rolled joint.

The perfect joint can be made with zero effort with our wide range of rolling machines and fillers. Choose the one suitable for your needs and never take the rolling load.

Rolling Trays

Add a little amusement to your rolling session with uniquely designed rolling trays.

One of our most sought after smoking accessories, it doesn't get more quirky and fun than with our exclusive range of rolling trays and mat. See it for yourself!


Upgrade your style statement with our unique collection of gas lighters, electric lighters and torches. Light that smoke in style!


Blunts are rolled with tobacco paper, which is slightly darker in colour and thicker in texture. These smoking accessories are bigger in size and stronger than a regular joint.

Even though most people do not see much distinction between joint and blunt, if you're pothead, you know which one to choose.

Pre-rolled cones, or wraps, hit all the blunts on Olivastu!

Stash Box & Containers

Who said potheads cannot be organized?

From uniquely designed storage boxes, mylar bags, and joint tubes to hide your stash to smell-proof bags to savour the flavour, arrange your smoking accessories with Olivastu!