Pre Rolled Cones

Precisely crafted from the home-grown, organic CBD hemp. Our high-quality pre-rolled cones are a convenient option to experience the heavy hits of full-spectrum CBD. Your health is our paramount responsibility, Olivastu only hand-picks top-notch products of various pioneer brands that never use trim, shake, low-quality outdoor flowers for our pre-rolled joints. Each hemp flower pre-roll joint is curated from 100% freshly ground, hand-trimmed, and indoor-grown CBD flower buds only.

What are pre-rolled cones?

CBD or hemp pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like. CBD pre-rolls are a very important tool for smoking rituals, they're basically curated from the rich CBD flowers. The term pre-rolled means joints that are already rolled so that the user doesn't have to go through the tedious process of rolling one themselves. Just stuff your herbs, wrap, and lighten up! Enjoy the trip.

Why do people prefer CBD pre-rolls?

The market for hemp flower pre-rolls is starting to grow in the hype. First, not everybody knows how to roll a perfect joint. Second, for people who know don't want to go through the process, pre-rolled cones save time. CBD pre-rolls give you the benefits of CBD as fast as possible.

Why you should buy pre-rolls from Olivastu?

Olivastu is deemed the best seller of smoking accessories. Doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a pro-head smoker, this place stacks a high collection of pre-rolls. Just name it and you'll have it! We only have high-quality pre-rolls of various types, making sure you enjoy a surreal smoking experience.

Also, you can get 10% off on your first purchase! Isn't that amazing? Just grab your hands on our latest collection of pre-rolls and other smoking accessories now!

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