Nic Salts

Looking for a cigarette-like hit without the harmful effect of tobacco or the harsh vapour? Nic Salts is the answer!

Nic Salts are found in the leaves of the tobacco plant and contain far fewer toxins than tobacco. The nic salts are blended with flavoured e-liquids to give a balanced juice that is suitable for vaping. Moreover, the nicotine of the Nic Salt is easily absorbed into the bloodstream unlike that of the distilled nicotine in the typical e-liquid. Nic Salt e-liquids give a cigarette-like feeling without any harsh throat hit. 

The Nic Salts are available in different strengths allowing you a tailored experience. You can either mix the nic salt juices with a short fill or simply use a high-concentration nic salt to satisfy the nicotine craving. They can be used with POD, e-cigarettes, vape pens, or even a simple starter kit. 

Pick from among fruity flavours like mango, strawberry, grape and green apple among others to cult favourites like spearmint and menthol. 

Take a look at the premium e-liquids in the UK, available only on Olivastu. All Nicotine Salts are fully TPD compliant under EU/UK regulations.

Avail free, discreet shipping, great offers and a lot more with every purchase!

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