Now keep the tar away by trying out our range of cotton filter tips

If you're someone who has been rolling their joints for a while, these cotton filter tips will elevate your smoking experience. They act as barriers between ash and herbs from entering your throat and lungs. 

Made out of 100% natural and chlorine-free paper, these tips are curated to let smooth puffs be the norm by enhancing the airflow, making them favourites. The naturally unbleached, long tips can maintain their shape despite dampness or rough use. 

One of many other benefits of using cotton filter tips is that they keep the heat and burning embers of your spliffs and blunts far away from your face, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant sesh.

Get rollin' some stiff, fat doobs that help achieve Hygienic puffs. Get yours from Olivastu to avail free shipping and Oli Points!

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