Any smoking experience is incomplete without a filter.

Most often the tobacco and ash travel down and ruin the taste of the smoke. Nobody likes such interruptions!

Get Roach Tips and Filters which allows you to inhale the clean smoke. You can get these pre-rolled to make it easier to make a joint, or you can roll yourself one.  Roach Tips & Filters guarantee a picture-perfect roll every time!

Having a roach means you no longer had to rip and roll up random stuff like cardboard to fit into your roll-up. For those looking for long, leisurely drags to immerse in the complete taste and feel of the smoking session, you can look for the ones which can stand rigid and firm even when wet.

At Olivastu, we have a large collection of Roach Tips and Filters from trusted brands that are bound to revolutionize the way you smoke! Find your perfect match from a wide selection of glass, wood or brass reusable roaches, all curated to give the best smoke possible.

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