Essential Cleaning Kits you Must Have

For all the smokers, there comes a time when you look into your bong, vape or Pipe and think that maybe smoking isn't cool anymore, because you realise how grotty your equipment has become after the frequent hit you have been puffing on them.

Although cleaning is not a fun stoner activity, you need to realise that the greatest hits can only come from a well functioning apparatus. To sort out this dilemma , Olivastu’s brings you a wide range of cleaning products.

Available for all type of smoking Essentials

Every category of smoking accessories needs a different cleaning set. But the important fact is you need to care for your equipment primarily because of hygiene concerns and secondly, you don't want to miss out on the ultimate high of your premium bud just because your stash didn't get lit .

Vapes and Pipes Cleaning Kits

If you prefer glass or wood pipes, then we have a dedicated pipe cleaning kit to ensure that you get every bit of your pipe as clean as a whistle. For the vape User out the, we have a vaporizer cleaning kit which can be customised to the type of vape you use. Although cleaning a vape can sometimes be a tricky business because of its sophistication, with the vaporizer cleaning kits you can get off these gritty grunge very easily.

Bong Cleaning Kits

If you are a heavy smoker and prefer Bongs to dab, then we are certain that those slimy film inside bong with a heavy resin buildup must irritate you, To help you with that the we have a wide range of bong cleaning kit that not only cleans up your bongs but also have antibacterial properties in them. A clean bong not only increases the potency of your hits but also enhances the flavour of your weed.

At Olivastu you will find all kinds of cleaning accessories, may it be a simple grinder cleaning kit or premium bong Cleaning kit. Along with the huge range of availability, at Olivastu you will get these products at amazing prices. Afterall, we don't want your to Highs to be Low.

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