A good extraction bag is the one product you need if you are one of those stoners fond of handmade Hash. Extraction bags are used to produce herbal extracts, in the case of weed- Bubble Hash, also known popularly as Water Hash. The name of this product is in reference to the process used to extract this fine quality hash. This is a simple process where cannabis flowers are continuously agitated in an Ice-Cold bath (or dry Ice), separating the Cannabinoid and terpene-rich extracts from the plant material.

How to use Extraction Bags

  • Every extraction comes with multiple micron count bags and a bucket. You can choose between using these extraction bags at once or separately. So you begin with placing the smallest micron count bag at the bucket and then progressively stacking bags on top of each other from smallest to largest micron size.

  • Fill the bucket with one-third Ice, and then add your herbs to begin the extraction process.

  • Now add cold water to two-quarters of the bucket for efficient working and Start mixing the herbs, Ice, and Water together. You can use either a mixing drill or a spoon for the mixing process.

  • Continue mixing until the mixture becomes frothy and has a consistent colour. Once the mixing process is complete, let the mixture sit for 10 minutes for it to become ready for extraction.

  • You have to strain the mixture into the next bag and keep repeating the process in this step. Each pack will contain extracts of your herbs.

  • You will get the finest quality extracts as you go to the smallest micron count bag. You can either dispose of the remaining product in the largest bag or set it aside for future use.

At Olivastu, extraction bags are available in various sets and sizes as per your needs. We also have a wide range of Extraction bags from multiple brands. Lastly, we assure you that the bags you order from us are made from the finest quality materials and available at very affordable prices.

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