Even though Bongs seem like a modern-day smoking accessory, it has existed since centuries. History tells us that smoking dry herbs using bongs started in the 16th Century and then travelled all the way to the modern world.

From there on, Bongs have become increasingly popular, with more and more people preferring the clean hit of smoke, rather than rolling papers or even vapes.

Bongs usually consist of a base, a stem, a bowl, and a mouthpiece. They use the water filtration process to deliver a smooth, clean smoke which does not contain any harmful by-products or unwanted flavours. This method of ingestion has several benefits. Let's look at them.

  1. Temperature: When your smoke passes through the water, it cools down, making it less severe and harsh than the puff of a conventional cigarette.
  2.  Toxins: Lethal chemicals like tar and other by-products are filtered out by the water, giving a cleaner hit.
  3. Taste: The method of smoking a bong conserves the natural terpenes of the herb, giving the true taste, flavour, and feel of the substance rather than the stale smoky flavour.
  4. Usage: Rolling Paper demands the precision and skill of making the perfect roll while vapes require to refill and empty cartridges. Bongs are significantly easier to use as they do not have a tedious lighting process. Just pack, light, and hit!

The following features may make you feel like the bong is your perfect match. We have an ever-growing vast selection of bongs which have different materials, designs, make, and so much more. Know them all before you make a purchase.

Types of Bongs

  1. Straight Tubes Bongs: These are the most convenient and easy to use bongs. They consist of a single-cylinder, removable bowl, and downstream. Their simple and uncomplicated design makes it easy to be manufactured and used. Ranging from 12 inches to 14 inches in much different material, find your perfect one at Olivastu.
  2. Glass Water Bongs: The Glass Water Bongs makes use of a chamber filled with water to filter the smoke. Any harmful and lethal impurities are filtered while the glass material preserves the true taste and effect of the smoke.
  3. Beaker Base Bongs: These provide a larger water base which in turn provides a greater level of filtration. The greater amount of water also keeps the bongs clean for a longer amount of time and gives it a strong base, so you can't knock it off easily.


You can find bongs made with many different materials, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Olivastu has a wide collection, offering a range of different materials and brands.

  1. Acrylic Bongs: Made from plastic, these bongs are light on the pocket and can be manufactured easily. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and suited to be smoked in a group. As it is less brittle than glass, it makes an attractive purchase for those who always topple their instrument.
  2. Glass Bongs: One of the most sought after types of bong, these employ clear glass to make the perfect bong. Their transparency is the biggest reason why people like these. Just make sure you use it carefully.
  3. Borosilicate Glass Bongs: These are the gold standard of bongs and should be purchased if you're looking for a long term investment. They can withstand thermal shock and are heat resistant, making them the most premium type of bong.
  4. Wooden Bongs: Even though they are not very popular now, they are still in existence given their natural and aesthetic value. They are difficult to clean and absorb oil & moisture, which makes them less durable.


Each type of bong employs a different feature that filters the smoke using the water filtration method. 

  1. Percolators: These are additional chambers present in the main chamber or the tube which increases the cooling process of the smoke. It also allows additional filtration, making sure you smoke the cleanest substance.
  2. Ice Notches/Pinches: These are a slight notch or pinch in the neck of the bong where the ice can be stacked. It gives the smoke an extra cooling effect before it reaches the lung.
  3. Diffuser: Most bongs employ a single opening to the mouthpiece, a diffuser has multiple openings which allows a greater surface area for the smoke. It also enhances the filtration process.
  4. Recycler: This is an additional chamber in the bong where the water and smoke repeat cycle before reaching the mouthpiece.

Glass Bongs or Acrylic Bongs?

This is the most asked question when making a purchase. There are pros and cons to both the type of bongs.

Acrylic Bongs are made from plastic which makes them less environmentally friendly and light on the pockets. It is also porous which means it stains easily. There is always some residue which is left behind in acrylic bongs making them not so great over a long period of time. They are also difficult to clean & retain the smell. If you're a novice smoker, trying out bongs, we recommend you to start with these as they are not that big of an investment. If you're a clumsy smoker, we recommend you buy Acrylic Bongs.

On the other hand, Glass Bongs provide a cleaner, better, and true smoking experience. They might be an investment but work for quite a long time unless you knock them off.

Glass Bongs are also easy to clean and can be made as good as new with any Bong cleaner. They are a more permanent purchase so make sure you take your time to decide for them.

Bong Accessories

Even though Bong is a complete device in itself, it does not hurt to make the experience a little more personal and fun. You can start with purchasing screens which act as a filter for your bong. It keeps the ash from falling into the water and keeping the smoke clean and healthy. Apart from this, you can add features like an ash catcher or a bowl and downpipe for replacement. Bongs can be made new by changing a few accessories and cleaning them regularly. You can also keep them protected in a bong case.

Bong Care

Every smoking accessory needs personal care and cleaning to keep them working for a long time. Bongs are no different. You will need a bong brush to reach the slightest corner of the equipment. You can use solvents like Isopropyl Alcohol or any bong cleaner liquid which melts the residue, keeping the bong as good as new!

Olivastu deals with the most premium pieces of glassware and global manufacturers of bongs. Whether you're looking for ceramic bongs, multi-pipe bongs, thin acrylic bongs, glass bongs, or a travel bong, you're bound to find your perfect match here. With unbeatable price and free shipping in the UK, Olivastu is here with the bongs of your dreams!

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