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The world of dabs might be an exciting and interesting one, but it is also a sticky one. Handling the concentrates can be extremely tricky, especially if you don't have the required equipment or are a novice dabber. Even though the high experienced from the hard-to-handle dabs and wax is pretty good, the extracts need to be stored and preserved in the correct manner to maintain their potency. This is why you need dab paper or dab sheets. 

The non-stick dab paper sheets offer the complete solution to storing, transporting, and even handling the sticky extracts. These papers for dabs are also used in rosin extraction and other methods, giving you a comprehensive way to manage the dabs. At Olivastu, we stock a variety of dab sheets, including natural unbleached parchment paper from RAW or non-stick, terpene-proof PTFE paper sheets from Oil slick. Whether you're looking for papers to be used for solvent extraction or simply want to pack the wax properly, you will always get what you're looking for here. 

Get the best parchment paper for dabs, wax rosin, and other sticky extracts on Olivastu. Avail free shipping, next day delivery, and much more!

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  1. Honey Slick Non-Stick FEP
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