Oil Vaporizers

Vaping has seen an increase in their popularity with more and more smokers looking for a healthier and cleaner way of toking their favourite herbs. 

We have seen flavoured E-liquid juice and nicotine shots for those who want to experience a similar effect of a cigarette. But when it comes to cannabis, you need different vaporizers to smoke the concentrates. 

Oil Vaporizers are a simple electronic device which uses an atomizer cartridge containing a wick and heating coil to vaporize your oil. Oil vapes also utilize a tank which contains a heating element that evaporates its contents. Some models have an integrated tank with replacement coils available.

Disposable oil cartridges are all the rage at the moment, making it simple to clean after usage. On the other hand, larger atomizers are available for 510 threads or box mods.

Oil Vapes usually employ rechargeable batteries to do the job which can be high capacities up to 900 mah. There is also the option of variable voltage battery, allowing more flexibility in handling temperatures and vapour. 

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