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What is rolling paper?

Rolling paper is a vital tool for every smoking ritual. Also known as joint paper or blanks, rolling papers are unique sheets made of very thin paper used to encase herbs while rolling a joint. The sheets may be made of hemp, rice straw, wood pulp, or flax, and can be used to either hand-roll or machine-roll cannabis. Rolling papers come in different dimensions and are sold in small, cardboard packs. Some flavored rolling paper varieties include blueberry, double chocolate, grape, and pineapple.

How are rolling papers made?

Rolling papers are mainly made from wood but that is necessarily not important. Most rolling papers are made from non-wood fibres, often from plants like hemp, flax, rice straw, and others. Most of the experienced smokers prefer to use rolling papers made of non-wood fibres as they tend to burn slower than wood fibres, making them more suitable for smoking.

Rolling papers are made by extracting fibres from hemp, flax, and other plants that burn slower than the wood fibre most other paper is made from. The fibres are pressed and processed into very thin paper. Along the way, most rolling papers are combined with chemicals — calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, chlorine bleach, dyes, and potassium nitrate — to influence factors like paper colour, burn rate, and flavour. All-natural papers are becoming more popular.

What are rolling papers with tips?

Using rolling paper with tips is a great way to help keep tobacco from getting into your mouth and to help prevent burning your fingers or lips. These cigarette tips are used on a rolled-up cigarette where a filter normally would be. You simply take one piece and roll it up into a spiral and then place it on your rolling paper.

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