Rolling Trays

Do you hate the fact that every time you roll a cigarette or a joint, you spill, make a mess, and waste some of your precious herbs in the process? I suppose nobody likes that!

That is where Rolling Trays come into action. With rounded corners and high walls, they make you spill and waste nothing, ensuring your joints and cigarettes are rolled without making a mess.

If you like being organized, the wooden and acrylic trays with compartments and all sorts of features are made for you. If you like sturdy and durable material, have a look at our collection of metal and glass trays which feature your favourite character or brand. Our catalogue includes funky rolling trays, Rick & Morty Rolling Trays, Pink Glitter trays, and many others. Available in different sizes ranging from mini, small, to large rolling trays, we have all your needs covered.

Take a look at our collection of rolling papers and trays and be ready to fall in love. And if that's not enough, we offer free delivery and shipping all through the UK.