Detox and Testing

Get all kinds of drug test kits in one place. Whether you are looking for a hair drug test kit, saliva drug test kit, blood drug test kit, urine drug test kit, or any other type of detection kit to ensure the presence or absence of certain substances, you get everything at Olivastu. 

We stock a wide range of drug testing kits and detox supplies to ensure you're never failing that unannounced workplace drug test or a random swab test anywhere. The self-testing kits are used to discover the presence of cannabis, alcohol, or any other substance from the privacy and comfort of your own home. They are simple, reliable, and offer quick and accurate results. Ensure that you read the leaflet and instruction guide before proceeding with the task. Weed drug tests, CBD drug tests, self-check multi-drug tests, or just the best drug testing kits in the UK, Olivastu offers them all. 

If you're looking to flush out the toxins and substances from your body without any trace, you may be interested in a drug detox kit. At Olivastu, we stock natural, herbal cleansing capsule, detox mouthwash, Detox shampoo & conditioner, detox drinks, urine cleaner, and much more to ensure you get the desired result. 

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