Cigarette Holders

Welcome less tar into each puff with our Cigarette holders. 

Our rolled cigarette holders come in quite a few designs for multiple purposes- you can smoke your spliffs or cigarettes with them or simply keep your roach in shape. 

Made of sustainable wood, these holders ensure you get proper filtration and take care of your lungs a little better. Armed with one of these, you receive a two-step filtration process with all your smokes- especially if hand-rolled. Sometimes just the filter paper tip is insufficient in cutting down on tar and nicotine. 

Curated to consider aesthetics, keep your vibe going with the wooden finish and also sleek glass designs available. If you are a fan of double or trident cigarettes or just find double or triple barrel holders, you know you want one of these!

Make a fashion statement as you make smoke. Grab our cigarette filters to avail exciting rewards!

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