If you're a fan of the various aromatic profiles of your green buds, it's time you know about them. The various fragrances help to enhance the overall effect of the cannabis plant while also soothing the mind and body. It's like essential oil but specific to weed.

They are secreted in the same glands that make the very popular cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The aromatic oils are used for the distinctive flavours of the cannabis varieties like berry, skunky, citrus, pine, etc. Some terpenes might help in relaxing and provide stress relief, while others may be better at inducing creativity and focus.

At Olivastu, the most versatile online vape shop, you will find a range of terpenes from the best brands that are the best way to enhance the experience of CBD-infused products. The terpenes are collected from high-quality plants, from various strain profiles giving you an authentic experience. Check out the collection below and boost the flavour of your CBD oil, concentrates, e-liquids or tinctures!

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