Vaporizers, popularly known as Vape, are used to smoke herbs, oils, and concentrates. It works by vaporizing the substance, making it ready to be inhaled. The smoke produced by vapes is cleaner, healthier, and smoother, making it a general choice over bongs or pipes.

The vaporizer uses the convection or conduction method, instead of the traditional combustion method to produce smoke. Whether it is an organic rolling paper or the cleanest bong, there is always some unwanted by-product that accompanies your smoke. Vapes are considered an absolute smoking experience because the lack of combustion leads to a lower temperature, which in turns burns the substance more efficiently. It does not allow any harmful by-product and unwanted ingredient in your smoke. Vaporizers enhance the smoking experience by maximizing the effect of herbs or oils.

Our collection features the best vaporizer brands like Arizer, KangerTech, Storz & Bickel, DaVinci, and more. These come in several variants like dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, dual-use vaporizers, and e-liquid vapes. There are also available in various sizes including handheld vapes, vape & wax pens, and desktop vaporizers.

Desktop Vaporizers

Even though Vaporizers are associated with being portable and travel-friendly, desktop vaporizers do not possess those qualities. Desktop vaporizers are bulky, large, sophisticated instruments designed to be used at home. They usually have more features than the vape pen and need to be plugged into a power source to function.

Since they come with large chambers and long battery life, they are ideal for a long vaping session with a group.

Balloons, whips, or water pipe extensions are the three different methods which are used to inhale the smoke.

Whip-style vaporizers make use of a medical-grade tubing called a "whip" which is designed to inhale the smoke as it is drawn from the heating pad. A whip is made up of three main parts- namely, the wand, a glass piece where the herb is placed, the tubing, and the mouthpiece. It is the most popular form of desktop vaporizer.

On the other hand, Balloon method of vaping involves filling up a balloon with the vapour. The balloon is designed in such a way that no vapour escapes from the balloon unless you inhale from it.

Pen Vaporizers

A pen vaporizer is the popular portable type of vaporizer that we see everywhere. It makes use of a power source that heats a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapour. They range from a standard pen to a large cigar and come in many different variants. A vape pen is an all-in-one unit consisting of a rechargeable battery, a tank, and a coil.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizer, as the name suggests is used to smoke dry flowers and herbs, making them different from popular vapes that use liquid cartridges. This more efficient way of smoking has caught on with the enthusiasts following the increase of their usage.

Dry Herb Vaporizers owes its popularity to the convenient smoking experience that it offers. Being small in size, it can be carried anywhere, fitting easily in pockets or stash. These vaporizers are operated with a single button, making them simple to be used. Once charged, these work for hours and can be smoked with 2-3 people. These also offer customized temperature control which can be adjusted as per the convenience of the customer.

Dry herb vaporizers also come in the form of desktop vaporizers which are bulkier and need a power source. As it requires more space and is hard to carry around, it is usually smoked at home. It has the capacity to hold more dry herbs, making it ideal for a long smoking session.

A dry herb vaporizer usually consists of either a ceramic or metal heating chamber, a battery or either an electric or butane energy source and a fine screen or a filter. The substance is heated, giving the inhalers a clear and clean hit.

Dab and Wax Pens

Named for their thin cylindrical shape associated with pens, dab and wax pens are used to smoke oils and concentrates.

Wax pens use heat to melt the concentrations of substances, using a heating coil. They consist of a battery, a chamber with a heating coil, and a mouthpiece for inhalation. These kinds of vape use a good amount of heat which is why they are protected by a steel casing which protects the smoker from burning their hands.

Dab Pens are used to smoke dabs. They work similarly to the wax pens. When the dab is placed on the heating coils, it melts it into a wick which is further absorbed and heated into a vapour which is then inhaled.


E-liquids, also known as a vape juice, e-liquid, and e-juice, is the liquid form of flavour that is used in E-cigarettes and vapes. The e-liquids are converted into vapour when heated and then inhaled for a smooth smoking experience.

When the E-liquid Vaporizer is in use, the battery provides the energy to heat the e-liquid, turning it into a smooth vapour when inhaled. You can buy from a wide range of E-cigarettes at Olivastu!


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