The 1 ½ rolling papers cater to a specific segment of stoners. These Rolling Papers measure 76-78mm in length and 60-62 mm in width. The doobies rolled from this paper are large in diameter, meaning you get joints larger than a cigarette but not as thick as a blunt, ensuring that your craving sate perfectly well. The best thing about this rolling paper is that if you tightly pack your stash, these rolling papers can make joints enough for 2-3 people to easily get stoned.

The 1 ½ rolling papers are perfect for those stoners who enjoy solo euphoria. As the joint rolled from 1 ½ size is neither big nor small, it becomes an ideal weed essential to get you wasted. These Rolling papers are available in various materials such as Hemp, Flax, Bamboo, and Wood, each with its unique flavour and rolling properties.

For Cannabis Aficionados worldwide, 1 ½ Rolling Papers has become a preference because of the desired width. Apart from the appropriate size, there is also a wide variety of flavours available for this rolling paper increasing its popularity among smokers. Most of the external flavours are extracted from natural products, making each puff's taste exquisite and constant.

The 1 ½ Rolling Papers are manufactured by almost all the brands. More than 40 prominent brands manufacture 1 ½ Rolling Papers, including brands like RAW, Elements, Blazing Suzy, OCB, and others. So you don't need to worry whether you will have to switch your favourite brand to get the ultimate solo highs.

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