Pollen Presses

Pollen Press is a compact device made from high-grade material that converts the ground herbs/kief into hard disks, pellets or coins. The idea is to compress the ground material into a more compact and solid-state for ease of storage, packing and moving. Marijuana Pollen Press are either manual or equipped with hydronic technology, aimed to make your smoking journey an easy one. 

The Pollen Press usually has a t-handle with two end caps and a place to enter the shredded herb. To work with a pollen press, you only need the device, some grounded herb/kief/pollen, and a few hours to spare. Your potent powdery material converts into a solid piece in no time!

How to use a Pollen Press?

Pollen Press in the UK is available in the Manual or hydraulic form. The Hydraulic Pollen Presses are equipped with unique designs which can be understood with the help of specific user manuals. Some involve applying pressure in an upward manner, others require downward pressure and some even opt for side pressure. However, the end result is the same in each one of them, converting pollen to hash. 

Place your collected trichomes kief on the input area and tighten the end caps to create pressure. You can tighten it every hour to create more pressure and compress the material further. Allow the kief to mould into the specific shape, before loosening the ends. There you have it, a compressed piece of herb ready to be consumed!

If you're looking for the best pollen press in the UK, you have come to the right place. Our headshop stacks the most choicest collection of pollen presses, including T-bar Aluminum Pollen Press, Piecemaker press and inlay stamps, Chongz Press, and much more. For more economical options, you can check out the pollen presses for sale in the UK, and get the beast machine delivered to your doorstep. 

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