Pyrex Bongs

If you are planning on investing in a superior quality bong, we would suggest you look at Pyrex bongs. These are clear bongs, made up of high-quality glass material called Borosilicate. This material is resistant to temperature, making it a very suitable one for a bong. Pyrex glass pieces come in various sizes and shapes for every kind of smoker.

Pyrex bongs are superior in quality as well as price. If you are a regular smoker and know your stash very well, give Pyrex bong a try. They also have a range of pocket-friendly bongs that is 17cm. To smoke on the go, Pyrex bongs are a perfect piece. You can also get your hands on a classic pipe that is made up of high-quality material.

If you are looking for some amazing straight Pyrex bong, scroll through Olivastu and pick your favourite piece. Enjoy free shipping!

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