Tired of doubting your budtender?

Like most others, we tend to rely a bit too much on our budtenders, or mess up being one ourselves! 

Whether you're an amateur stoner or a seasoned one, testing and exploring new strains can be an expensive affair- you want to ensure you're getting what you pay for. 

The only way of ensuring that your cannabis is of your desired weight is by weighing it yourself. And what better solution than your own weed scale? Whether you're buying or selling, scales will ensure the authenticity of each deal.

Our weed weight scales come in a range of options- be it sizes or designs! Check out funky designs to let your vibe live as you imbibe some responsible stoner etiquette by weighing your stuff. 

We aim to spoil you with the available options, from scales with digital LED screens, pocket-friendly sizes and accurate to sub-gram amounts. 

Check them out only on Olivastu to avail of valuable rewards, free shipping and so much more!

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