If you're looking to replace your bangers nails with a new one, or simply want to amplify your current rig's anatomy, you have come to the right place. Available in many different types, shapes, and brands, bangers nails or dabbing tools are essential to enhance the overall working of the equipment and also the vapour quality.

A banger is a type of dab nail which is affixed to the dab rig and helps to convert the concentrate into a vapour. Though there are many materials available, Quartz banger nails are known to restrict the dab from flowing through the dab rig and heats it well for the concentrate. You can get your hands on ceramic ones for heat retention and titanium for durability. 

Other than that, we also stock flat-top bangers, trough bangers, and thermal bangers that feature an  internal cup with airspace making them ideal for dabbing at low temperature. 

We believe in stocking the best quality tools accessories and source the best glass banger nails or mini nail quartz banger to assist you to intensify your sesh. 

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