Dab Mats

If you're a seasoned dabber, you know how amazing of an invention the dab mat is. And if you're not, keep reading to know why we love this little piece so much. 

What is a dab mat?

Even though the world of sticky concentrates has come far from the controversial land, we are still discovering new things about it. A dab mat, as the name suggests, is a mat that is used while dabbing. Pretty simple, right?

The key takeaway is that these are made from non-stick material (often silicone) and keeps your dabbing station as clean as possible. The mat is designed to hold the dab rig in place, protecting it from getting knocked over, and is a safe zone to keep the hot dab tools and prepare the dabs. Even if you spill your sticky concentrates on the non-stick dab mat, it's no big deal. You can simply wash it with soap and water, and voila! You have a shiny, almost-new dab pad at your disposal. Once you start using this beauty, you will wonder where it was all your life!

At Olivastu, we stock the best dab mats in the UK, ranging from rubber dab mats, silicone dab mats, trippy dab mats, and more. From a simple psychedelic design to downright crazy and wild ones, enhance your dabbing session with our collection. 

Your dab station won't ever be the same.

Get the coolest dab mats delivered to your doorstep!

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