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Need some new dab torches, bangers, carb caps, nail attachments, or dab tool carrying cases? Check out the collection below. 

At Olivastu, we understand the need of the exploding dab market and bring the most useful and popular dab accessories from known brands and types. From the most popular quartz nails, dab tools, carb cap to the unpopular Dab pearls, silicone containers, and much more, we stock everything you would ever need to have a dope smoking session!

Olivastu is considered the best seller of dab tools UKExperience the true flavours of your concentrates with the best dab parts & dab smoking accessories only at Olivastu!

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Frequently asked questions 

1. How to use a dab tool?


  • Take your dabbing wand or dab tool and scrape the desired amount of concentrate.
  • Heat your dab nail by hitting the side of the nail (the area that is directly hit by the dab torch is where you will be placing your wax) with the dab torch. Torch until the entire nail turns red.
  • Wait 30-45 seconds for the dab nail to cool down. This is a critical step because you can burn or waste your concentration if the nail is scorching hot.
  • Take your dabbing wand to dab (tap) your concentrate into the nail. (If you have a carb cap, you can cap off your hit after you pull).

2. What is a dab tool used for?

Answer: A dab tool is much like a bong but specifically crafted to smoke oils or wax concentrates. 

3. How to clean dab tool?

Answer: Keep them in a pencil case lined with parchment paper! If You notice any hairy/dirty in your tool, just put it in the flame for 2-3 seconds and then wipe immediately with a tissue, and it's good as new. Let it cool before using it. Happy dabbing!

4. What is a dab tool?

Answer: A dab tool is just like a bong that is used to make dab rigs. They are used to apply your THC concentrate to dab nails. They come in all sorts of different styles and materials.

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