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Dab Rigs (also known as an oil rig or vapour bubbler)are pretty similar to bong as they use the same water filtration method which allows the smoke to be cleaner, healthy, and without any impurities, carbon monoxide, tar, and harmful by-products. The distillation of the right compounds, leaving the vast majority of the plant material behind, concentrates are a more potent hit.

Generally made out of glass, Dab Rigs consists of a Water chamber, a 90-degree joint, a nail, and a mouthpiece from where the smoke is inhaled. Instead of herbs and flowers as used in bongs, dab rigs produce the smoke by vaporizing oil, concentrates or wax. The nail is made from titanium, glass, or quartz which can hold the concentrates at high temperature. The concentrate is placed on the nail using a dabber. The dab concentrate is then heated using a butane torch and the vapour created is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

In most of the smoking accessories, the smoke is created through the combustion method. However, with dab rigs, the smoke is produced through vapourization of the concentrates, wax, and legal oils. This is what makes dab rigs a more healthy alternative to bongs, or any type of cigarette.

Dab Rigs are extremely portable and compact making them extremely easy to use. Since they are smaller in size than bongs, this allows the smoke to be thick, milky and condensed in a small space. Moreover, the convenience of butane torches to heat the nails makes it safe and ensure there will never be an accident. Olivastu makes sure that every kind of Dab Rigs and Accessories are available for handling the concentrates, smoking, and cleaning.

Whether you're looking for a high-tech concentrate dab rig, dome percolator bubbler, electric dab rigs, recyclers, or even cheap dab rigs, we have you covered. Sort through the largest assortment of dab rigs and dabbing accessories, catered from the largest brands and names. Whether you're looking for a large investment or a quick on the go dab rig, you get the best quality along with the most reasonable price and free shipping.

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