Bong filters are the most rudimentary parts of a dope Bong. They add to your Hits, but they also make the whole smoking session more healthy and hygienic. These bong filters ensure that you get cool smoke without the harmful effect of tar, resin, particles, and other contaminants getting into your lung.

The bong filter ensures that you inhale the purest possible smoke to get the dopiest highs.

Why do you need Bong Filters?

Well, First and foremost, if you take care of your bongs, The bong will take care of you.

Some might think that the bong's primary job is to "filter" through the water chamber, so why an additional filter? Well, that is a rational thought!

But contrary to the belief, the water chamber of your bong predominantly exists to cool the smoke. They make an insignificant difference in eliminating contaminants from your bong rip.

And did you know that more tar is found to be deposited in cannabis smokers compared to cigarettes?

The Bong filter becomes an essential component to eliminate the risk of inhaling these harmful contaminants.

Types of Bong Filter percolator

Carbon Filters

The activated charcoal used in this bong filter helps remove airborne particles, residue, and other containment present in the smoke. The bong carbon filter absorbs all the contaminants. It is scientifically proven to result in a smoother and better-tasting puff. These filters also have antibacterial properties. They also reduce throat irritation and coughing associated with smoking and vaping.

Inline Percolator

The inline percolator has a horizontal tube and numerous silts, cultivating a powerful hit. The larger the tube, the better the hits because it creates more diffusion when smoke, air, and bubbles move through the slits. This makes the hits stronger while decreasing the harmful effect associated with smoking.

Honeycomb Percolator

This bong filter is a round perforated Disc which allows the air to pass through it. This bong filter is meticulous because discs are stacked into multiple chambers. This helps the perc shoot bubbles straight up throughout these chambers, ensuring a pleasant and effortless smoke.

Tree Percolator

One can easily recognise this bong filter because of its tree-shaped tubular arms with multiple slits. It has an extensive path for airflow, creating vast amounts of tiny bubbles. Although, because of numerous glass arms, the filter is delicate and can shatter easily.

Showerhead Percolator

As the name implies, this bong filter looks like a showerhead. This perc has a tube connected to the main chamber, so when you take a hit, the smoke comes in much smoother and filters out tar, resins, and other particles.

Swiss Percolator

This is the weirdest, funkiest looking bong filter on the market. It resembles a glass bottle being shot with a shotgun. This perc has holes placed randomly all around it from which the air is forced to pass. This circulation filters out the smoke eliminating the drag on your hit. If you want a bong that makes a great conversation piece, it's a perfect choice.

Matrix Percolator

These filters for bongs are usually made in a cylindrical shape and have both horizontal and vertical slits. This feature allows a very high volume of diffusion because the smoke circulates in many directions. Overall, the matrix perc is a dope filtration system and will surely enhance the quality of your puffs.

Coil Percolator

This bong filter is incredible and has a scientific look to it. The amount of air, bubble and smoke generated by in coil filter is exceptional, making the puff smooth and hygienic. This bong filter is unlike other perc out there. It comes in two variants: glass coil for normal filtration and glycerine coil perc which can be frozen for an icy cool toke.

Cross Percolator

This bong filter has a unique design because it is an innovative smoke filtration system. Several cross-shaped tubes branch off from the main centre. This encourages more airflow in this filtering system and makes the smoke much smoother and contaminant-free.

With so many options available in the market, choosing the best filter for bong can be chaotic. We believe that this information must help you understand the best filters you need for your euphoric journey. With Olivastu, you can get all these bong filters with incredible deals and discrete shipping.

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