Add a little zhush in that smoking armoury of yours!

Our sexy yet practically designed medium rolling trays come in different cool designs to add that extra oomph. Why lose out on style while crafting spliffs and blunts?

Designed to maintain shape and welcome regular use, our medium trays do not disappoint a disorganized stoner. Coming in sturdy metal with trippy designs to match your vibe and aesthetic bamboo to accentuate trips; gone are the days for bland monochrome trays. 

A curved edged tray ensures your herbs don't go to waste along with randomly missing equipment. It will be a personal spliff assistant to you and a lot more.

Grab one of the gift packs for your stoner friends or one of the standalone trays that add that much-needed zhush to your smoking equipment

Get yours now to avail exclusive redeemable rewards and points.

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