As the name implies, pre-rolled cones are smoking papers that are already rolled for you. The base of a pre-roll, known as a "trim," comprises a combination of buds and leaf pieces from the Cannabis plant. You can roll the trim into a cone or other shapes as per your preference.

Rolling paper cones add to the convenience of smoking because it saves time as you don't need to perform the complicated manoeuvre while manually rolling your Joint; all you need is to fill the cone with your herbs, and the job is complete.

The rolling paper cone is fabulous for novice smokers because all the hassle and tussle while making a joint are rendered obsolete. Furthermore, pre-rolled cones make perfect essentials for chilling on your couch over weekends.

The 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones are about 79mm and appropriately sized for one ultimate smoking session. You can fill the cone rolling paper comfortably up to 40gm of your buds. These pre-rolled cones are available in various flavours enhancing the euphoria and ecstasy with each puff.

Olivastu has a wide range of brands you can choose from to get the best rolling paper cones for yourself. We also have various super-saver deals with 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones and a 100% authenticity guarantee on all our products.

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