Dab Rigs

Dabbing is pretty similar to bongs, as go through the same process of water filtration to present a clean and cool smoke. Dabbing concentrates, shatters, and oils gives a more potent hit leading to its popularity. Olivastu stocks a range of Dab rigs (also known as an oil rig or vapour bubbler) to allow you to choose from a vast range of options.

If you've just started smoking and are looking for a cheap dab rig, we have them right here. If you're looking for branded and premium dab rigs like chongz dab rigs, roilbee dab rigs, or a c1 sci-fi dab rig, we make sure these are available to you.

At Olivastu, we aim to deliver any type of dabbing accessories that you may be looking for including percolator dab rig, electric or micro dab rig, or a complete dab rig kit. Shop from us and avail free and discreet delivery all over the UK.

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