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The DabX Go the new generation handheld dab vaporizer. Everything about this beauty feels right from aesthetics to it being in your hand! They have fine tuned this beast to give you the most perfect dabbing experience ever!

If you are brand new to concentrates, this device makes it so easy it takes the thinking out of knowing how to as it is that simple to use. Don’t get it twisted though this item is also designed for the connoisseurs and will change the way you dab forever!

This system has been designed to give you cooler, smoother and more consistent dabbing experience thanks to it full size water filtration! Engineered with no plastics anywhere in the vape chambers to give you pure flavour! Dabx have made it so that the vapour travels through a ceramic, stainless steel, glass and water giving you the most purest flavours without losing its potency!

Tastes the same every time!

4 smart heating settings that calibrate perfectly according to your dab for over 14 seconds. This ensures the terpenes are not over burnt, maximised the use of your shatter and gives you the most vapour per hit!

Juice Up

The Dabx Go concentrate vapourizer is a very powerful device. Comes with a dual 1100mAh li-ion battery which gives you approximately 100 dabs on a full charge! Charge it by using a USB-C and use it whilst plugged in thanks to its pass through technology. You can fully charge your device in 30 mins.

Oh… if you think that’s not enough the batteries are removable which gives you the flexibility to carry a spare for those long sessions where you have no access to power or to replace the battery from wear and tear!

What comes in the box?

Dabx Go

Carrying case

Portable dab station

Spare atomizer

Titanium dab tool

USB to USB-c

Charge cable

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