Stash Cans

We love our green herbs, but not everyone has the same kind of affection towards them. From hiding the stash under the bed or in sneaky corners, to the invention of diversion stash cans, the 420 world has come a long way. We are not asking you to be careless with the herbs, but are offering a range of solutions that protects your privacy.

These realistic stash cans are made to look like ordinary, everyday objects, and are even weighted in the same manner. However, they have an opening where you can stash your bag of flowers, lighter, papers, and anything under the sun. The stash cans are safe, discreet, and available in a variety of everyday objects. You can really do away with the judgemental eyes and prying nose with our collection of discreet stash cans. 

Whether you are looking for smell-proof stash cans, stash containers for cars, coke stash can, weighted stash can, or a simple-looking stash can for weed, we offer them all. Get the best stash cans in the UK! 

We also have a collection of stash cans for sale. Have your pick and get them delivered today!

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