Stainless Steel Water Bottle Stash Safe


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You know what's more refreshing than a cool sip of water after a gruelling workout at the gym? The sweet relief of knowing your precious valuables are safe and sound, nestled in your water bottle. Yes, you heard right. Not in your locker. Not in your gym bag. But in your water bottle! Let me introduce you to the newest prodigy on the block - the Stainless Steel Water Bottle Stash Safe. This nifty little contraption isn't just a water bottle; it's your new best friend.

This Water Bottle Stash Safe is like an undercover agent for your stuff. On the outside, it looks like any other steel water bottle. It holds 500ml of liquid, is insulated to keep your drinks chilly or toasty, and measures a pretty standard 30cm. But, on the inside, it's a secret safe designed to hold all sorts of treasures. We're talking keys, cash, jewellery, thumb drives, basically everything but the kitchen sink!

The hidden stash measures approximately 7 x 7 cm, which is plenty of room for all your precious items. This thing is so sly; it would make James Bond green with envy. The best part? You can take it everywhere! From the gym to the beach, this water bottle safe seamlessly fits into your lifestyle while keeping your valuables hidden and easily accessible.

In a world full of uncertainties, isn't it nice to have one less thing to worry about? Now you can focus on getting those gains or catching those waves without fretting over where to hide your stuff. So raise a toast (with your water bottle safe, of course) to stress-free workouts and beach trips! Just remember not to drink all your water; otherwise, you might just reveal your secret stash!

  • Large Size - 30 x 7cm (Approx.) 
  • Holds 500ml of Liquid
  • Hot for 12 Hours / Cold for 24 Hours
  • Hidden Screw Bottom - 7 x 7cm approx.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double Wall Insulated 

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