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It is very important to store and carry our precious green herbs in the right manner. Nobody likes moisture-filled herbs, especially when you're just going to light a bowl. Similarly, flowers that are too dried ruin the entire activity of toking. We know you love your herbs, but do you love them enough to be spoiled with the collection of stash bags and pouches we offer?

Your flowers are known to retain their potency, the correct level of moisture, and even that tempting aroma, only when they are stored and carried correctly. At Olivastu, we host a wide variety of bags, ranging from the best smell proof stash bags to the best stash pouches. The odour-proof bags are very useful if you're trying to be discreet with your herbs. You can also check out our seal proof bags, supreme stash pouches, and much more. Available in different sizes, designs, and colours, there's one for everyone!

The best stash bags and pouches are here, order now!

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