Tins / Tubs

Give your stash a home!

Have you ever wondered why your storage messes up the consistency and texture of your stash? If it isn't air and watertight, it can result in unwanted inconvenience, ruining your sesh. 

Leave it to our effective tin storage boxes, designed to keep your stuff fresh n' crisp. They can store your king-sized blunts and spliffs along with the other smoking equipment. They even prove to be effective tobacco storage tins with their re-sealable build, keeping it free of moisture. 

Whether you're a fan of keeping a discreet stash, like being organized or are careless with storage, these tins and tubs might just be your best bet at keeping it all in check.

Carry these wherever you go with the sturdy metallic safe havens! Built to withstand rough and regular use, the sturdy storage ensures your spliff stays in shape even if you don't! 

Check them out now to avail of discreet & free shipping and many such perks. 

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