Getting the perfect consistency of your favourite herb is really important. Imagine rolling a perfect doobie, but because of some chunky piece, you don't get the airflow and smooth toke that you wanted. Quite a bummer, isn't it? For this reason and many more, a grinder is an important accessory that allows you to taste the massive clouds of vapour without any hiccups and annoying breaks. This brings us to today's discussion; best weed grinders of 2021. 

Weed grinders or shredders are available in all sorts of make and models, ranging from 2-part grinders, sift catchers, to a whopping 7-part grinder. The beauty of grinders is endless, and so I have tried to take all the loved grinders and included all kinds and types that I could. If you're here, looking for a perfect grinder, I am going to give you 23 of them!

Let's get started. 

1. Klip grinder- HOJ life

One of the upper-end devices, the KLIP grinder, is something that stands apart from the rest of them. Starting with its make, the entire structure is magnetised, from the cork box to even the internal structure. It gives it a good hold and makes it less likely to spill your herbs. 

Not only does the KLIP have a sleek, smart, black body with precision cuts and perfection, but also transforms your smoking session. Instead of crushing the herbs, KLIP functions on the method to slice through the strains with the help of the dual-blades. This gives you a fluffier consistency with an even burn. 

As the herbs are sliced instead of being crushed, the integrity of the crystals are protected and you get a more potent experience than you would by any other device. 

2. Chongz 7-part POD grinder



Chongz brand is a staple when it comes to highly functional and unique bongs, but here it is, making a name and fame with their herb grinders. 

The 7-part grinder from Chongz is completely customizable and you can remove a few chambers to make it a 4 or 3-part grinder. With a glass viewing chamber at the bottom and a storage facility so you can pack all the herbs that you need. With its sifting mesh and sharp teeth, you can be assured of getting a smooth and fine consistency of herbs. 

Additionally, the grinder is sized perfectly to make sure it is neither too bulky nor too light which makes it perfect for travelling with.

3.  Santa Cruz Herb Shredder - 4 part herb grinder


You will find Santa Cruz making it to all the list of the best weed grinders simply because it is that awesome. And I would like to start with the best. 

Made from anodised aluminium, this 4-part grinder keeps the surface scratch-free and safe from contaminants as it goes through a strict medical grade ultrasonic cleansing procedure. The grinder features the white Santa Cruz logo, smartly placed on the top with bright colours. 

The elegant design is made to provide complete functionality and reliability. The square-shaped teeth cut through the most stubborn nugs, while they pass through the grinding chambers into the screen chamber, where only the most articulately shredded herbs are passed on. It also has a storage chamber so you can easily carry this when you're smoking on the go. 

4. OUI'D Grinder

The OUI'D Grinder are a premium experience designed for effortless twists and turns with a sieve that collects the potent material in another chamber. The four-part grinder is curated from durable aircraft-grade aluminium and generously coated with ceramic for easy hold and turns. 

It presents a very smooth process, with powerful magnets ensuring the material stays inside. The make and design shred the buds into the perfect consistency for an even-burn and flavoursome experience. I especially love their kief collection chamber and the luxury velvet pouch to story the accessory. The scraper included makes the task very convenient and avoids wastage of the precious green herb!


5. Chongz “Big Hitter” 4-part weed Grinder

The big-league players of the bong industry have taken over the grinder market too and soo you will come across Chongz grinder in this blog. I love their range and their functionality, not to mention the dope designs. 

If you’re someone who struggles with breaking down the large nugs, this one's for you. The razor-sharp teeth are designed to take over anything that comes in between and gives you a hassle-free shredding experience. Moreover, the 4-part grinder also has a sift catching chamber that comes in handy when you want to add an extra punch to whatever you’re smoking. You shouldn't miss this one!

6.  Olivastu 3-part Grinder


Entering in the list of best weed grinders, we have the Olivastu 3-part shredder. If you're looking for design and durability, this one is perfect for you. Made from high-grade aluminium, it has a sleek elegant body which remains intact and indestructible for years. It dons the "Olivastu" logo on the top, giving it a complete look. 

Coming to its shredding capabilities, the grinder is equipped with a magnetic top which helps to keep your stash in place. It also has a three-part grinding functionality with a mesh screen and pollen scraper spoon. All you have to do is place your nugs in the compartments and the shart blades seamlessly cut through them and gives you a fluffy consistency filled with high potency. Now that's something!

7. Santa Cruz - 3 Part Shredder

Santa Cruz is another brand name that comes up when you’re looking for minimalistic and reliable weed grinders. The 3-part shredder is the perfect blend of portability and functionality. Made entirely from durable aluminium, it will be years before you need to purchase another one.

The highlight of this grinder, apart from the ease of shredding the stubborn herbs, is that it has a knurled grip that allows for a seamless grind, loved by people with hand or wrist pain. It also comes with rare earth magnets that keep it locked until and unless you want to use it, and the dual-direction shredding gives you the desired texture in no time. 

8. Niicegrind 4-piece Grinder


The niicegrind 'nicely' grinds the nugs!

Equipped with custom-built dual-blades, the grinder allows you to enjoy an evenly shredded herb with a fluffy consistency. The flavour is very naturally maintained, giving you an incredible smoking session. 

The ergonomic hexagon shape of the grinder doesn't hinder the smooth functioning as it is made to comfortably sit in the hands. The kief compartment is strategically placed at the bottom with a sieve layer that only lets the most potent component pass through. The diamond-shaped grinding teeth effortlessly slice through the nugs; you don't have to break your wrist in the process! 

9.  Phoenician 2-piece Weed Grinder


Phoenician Engineering gives you one of the best weed grinders that are out there! Made from 6061-T6 medical-grade anodized aluminium, it is designed to last longer and makes it less susceptible to wear and tear. 

It has a unique grip called lobe-grip, which not only gives it a tight control while twisting the grinder but also makes the process more comfortable. The teeth of the grinder are shaped to cut through the herbs instead of mash and tear, so you can expect a more fluffy and potent strain than usual. The base has a bevelled bowl for easy pollen removal and a guitar pick scraper is included.

The design also introduces a thread-less locking system which diminishes the amount of residual build-up that collects into the threads of typical grinders. 

10.  VIBES X Aerospaced 4-Piece Herb Grinder


The Vibes X Aerospaced grinder has an intense metal look that gives it an elegant and classy finish. Made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium, it is robust, durable, and is precision-engineered to give the perfect shred. 

The 4-piece grinder is equipped with 30 razor-sharp square-shaped teeth that give a dual-direction shredding to ensure there are no pieces left. With just a few twists, you get a perfect consistency for a sweet, sweet smoking session. 

The grinder provides a seamless grinding option with its neodymium magnets which gives it an airtight seal and also keeps your herb in place. You get an awesome design, a sharp shredder, a sifting chamber, and a magnetic closure, all in one place. Pretty impressive!

11. HeadChef Samurai 4-Piece Grinder

Your quest for the perfect grinder is over!

The HeadChef Grinder lives up to its Samurai Name to present razor-sharp teeth and a high-quality build. The blade cuts through the stickiest and stubborn nugs without any hassle and slices through them effortlessly. 

The Samurai Grinder is known as the shredder with the sharpest teeth. The convenient hold on the grinder helps to slice the herb, and the sifter section collects the Kief. You can sprinkle the most potent particles on your green herbs or dabs. 

 12. Chongz Dead Head 4 Part Sifter Grinder


If you’re looking for a dope design and amazing shredding capabilities, the ‘Dead Head’ grinder is made for you. Perfectly travel-friendly, the grinder is equipped with a unique swivel locking system that allows the user to shred the herbs and drop them into the compartment below gradually. It keeps the herbs fresh, locked in, and is ideal for travelling.

Since it is made for outdoor shenanigans, you can easily stash it in your purse or bag and be gone. The lock technology keeps the herbs from spilling while the effortless grind makes your toking experience a smooth ride. It is also made from a high-quality material which renders it almost indestructible. 

13. Rick & Morty Grinder

Who doesn't love Rick & Morty running through the design length of the grinder, making the entire experience even more fun! 

Add a little twist to your grinding session with the uber-cool Rick & Morty Grinder. And believe, they are not just well-designed but very well-curated to shred your herbs. 

The colourful grinder is made from durable metal and monstrous teeth that efficiently break the nugs into smaller pieces. You can find the grinder in different designs suitable for every person!

14.  Space Case Grinders


Space Case Grinders are known as the best weed grinders that are built to last and some people even have stories of owning them for 20 years or more! That's just how durable it is. 

Space Case Grinders are one of the best American-made grinders featuring seamless perfection, aerospace aluminium build, and long-lasting performance. You can easily buy them hoping for an investment of a lifetime. 

The grinder becomes your ultimate smoking buddy as it is travel-friendly and fits into your hands so easily. Moreover, it also included nylon O-rings in their design which makes it very easy for people with chronic pain, injuries or arthritis to handle them. And the sharp teeth just make the entire experience a smooth one!

15. Best Buds - Plastic Grinder

Economical, lightweight, and perfectly shreds your herbs - Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

The Plastic Grinder by Best Buds is perfect for those who are not looking to invest in a high-priced shredder. However, it still provides quality performance, sharp teeth, and effortless twisting for good results. I am honestly a fan of the designs with my favourite one being the Pineapple Express one. 

The Best Buds grinders are perfect for travelling, grinding on the go, or when you are having an outdoor smoking session. Conveniently fits into the pocket and doesn't attract suspicion. 

16.  Santa Cruz Biodegradable grinder


We have seen aluminium grinders making rounds on the best weed grinders list, but let's look at the green side and appreciate this beauty made from hemp. If you're an eco-friendly toker, this masterpiece is made for you. 

If you're worried that it's manufacturing from hemp will make it less durable, you're in for a surprise. The Santa Cruz grinder stands to the same quality and gives you the seamless experience that you would expect for an aluminium build shredder. The square teeth make sure that the herbs are sliced and ground properly - just as you want them to be!

The 2-part grinder is small and compact, so you can stash it in your bag or purse and be gone without any additional weight/burden. 

17. Chongz 'Ultimo' 4 Part Sifter Grinder

Let’s face it, we all hate it when there is a hindrance with our toking sesh! Imagine sitting with your homies, having the dopest time and realizing that the buds have been shredded too finely. Takes the fun out, doesn’t it?

The Chongz ‘Ultimo’ 4-part Weed Grinder is designed to make you experience the true taste of the herbs and flowers along with an effortless shredding time. Just load it and twist it!

The high-quality aluminium build and the curved body sets the tone for the long relationship that you will encounter with this one. Chongz “Ultimo” is your ultimate shredder buddy!

18. After Grow Thorinder

We present you the OG of Grinders - The Thorinder! Inspired by the legendary character Thor and his hammer, the grinder is nothing short of durable, and only true stoners can pick it up! The lightning bolt design is inspired by Zeus's weapon of choice!

The functional grinder is equipped with sharp teeth, a magnetic lid, and an ergonomic slim waist for easy access and usage. The durable body flaunts its high-grade anodised aluminium make, whereas the clear top allows you to see the action being performed.
You can also ensure the authenticity of the product with the anti-counterfeit sticker!

19.  Raw Three-Way Shredder Card


Talk about functionality and easiness! This Three-way shredder card by RAW was made in partnership with V-syndicate, the original inventors of the grinder card! You don't have to put together parts or have a bulky item in your bag, all you need is a compact card that mirrors a credit card, and shred the herbs as per your convenience. 

It isn't just an ordinary shredder! It features three different shredding sizes; fine, medium, and coarse, which allows you to find your perfect consistency for an even and flavoursome smoke. And it comes with a protective sleeve that features RAW logo and design. The most discreet way to carry a shredder!

20.  Chongz Zippy 4-Part Rainbow Grinder

The Chongz Zippy grinder gives beautiful rainbow-tinted hues along with a robust make and durable functionality. Made from high-grade metal, the rainbow grinder stands the test of time and is practically indestructible. 

The trippy design is complimented with diamond-shaped sharp teeth that allows you to grind the most stubborn and sticky strains with accuracy and without any hassle. You don't have to put your strength to power through it as it shreds your herbs smoothly. The Chongz Zippy grinder is also detachable, has a glass-viewing window at the bottom, and has magnetic lids to keep the herbs in place. 

21. HOKirin Biodegradable Grinder


The HOKirin Grinder is made from hemp, serving your dank purpose as well as being kind to the environment. The non-plastic grinder maintains its quality by offering sharp teeth for a fluffy grind. 

Still maintaining a high quality, the non-plastic grinder is extremely durable, with the teeth remaining sharp to slice through the sticky green buds with accuracy. The 2-part grinder is known for its durability, ease of use, portability, and design. If you're looking to add a quirky, eco-friendly product to your collection, try out this beauty!

22.  Chongz 'Tom Cruzer' 4-Part Sifter Grinder

A pretty skull design, a durable and sturdy build, and an effortless grind; the perfect Chongz grinder. It only feels right to end the list with this one. 

This metal herb grinder is equipped with a magnetic lid to keep your precious green friends where they belong. You can carry it anywhere without any worry.
Moreover, it also has a sifter catcher layer that filters the most potent parts of your herbs and flowers and keeps it stored in the bottom compartment. You can use them when you want the added potency.

Pretty handy and easy, isn’t it?

Here we come to the end of our best weed grinders list. I hope you found your perfect match. 

Comment below with your favourite grinders and keep toking with Olivastu.