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Wondering how to clean the stubborn residue from the corner of your bongs? Or how to make a smoking pipe out of a banana? Or wondering how to differentiate between RAW authentic paper and those fake ones you can find everywhere? Or something as simple as how to light a chillum? Fret not, we answer them all. It takes a lot of information and knowledge to become a passionate smoker. From the correct amount of herbs to the perfect consistency, you need to know every tiny detail to make your smoking experience into an excellent one. Moreover, when you know more, you can do more. We are a passionate bunch of people bringing information, unique and quirky facts, and a whole sea of knowledge to your screens. From Product Reviews to unfiltered data, you will find yourself immersed and interested. Are you ready to dive in?
  1. How to Make a Homemade Pipe in 10 Different Ways?

    When you have this powerful want to smoke, and you don't own any smoking equipment, it's time to get creative and indulge in some DIY hacks. Have a look at these ten unique ways to smoke a homemade pipe.
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  2. [Updated] Old-School Bong: How to Make A Water Bottle Bong?

    Every smoking enthusiast comes across a moment where they don't have any smoking equipment which can be used to consume the beautiful herbs. For these moments, get to know how to make a water bottle bong.
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  3. Stoner Health: How Long Does a Weed High Last?

    Weed Experience is different for everyone, however, the one thing that remains common is the high that we experience. In this article, we discuss how long a weed high lasts. Check out the article to know more!
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  4. Drug Test for Weed: How to Pass a Urine Test?

    An upcoming drug test giving you sleepless nights? Take a look at this article to understand how you can pass the urine test along with the different products available for the same. Read more to find out!
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  5. How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder?

    Grinding weed without a grinder is an art and you should know all the creative ways stoners have come up with throughout the years. In this article, we address the most unique ways to shred the herbs! Read on!
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  6. Homemade Dab Guide: How to make Shatter?

    Looking for a fun DIY project with your weed? Check out the article and learn the easiest way to make a dope batch of shatter using a solvent-based method and without the use of solvent. Check it out!
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  7. How To Sober Up From Weed: Coming Down from a High

    This article is curated for the weed warriors who are looking for a solution to when things get too green. Check out the different types of tricks used through centuries to dampen the high from the weed. Read on!
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  8. How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

    Cannabis can be detected through various tests. However, there is always the concern of how long can cannabis stay in your system. In our article, we explain the factors that influence & the different tests.
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  9. Vape Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Rings?

    If you have been trying to get your hands on a simple and detailed guide that would teach you how to blow smoke rings, check out this article. We talk about several different methods and some tips & tricks.
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