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Wondering how to clean the stubborn residue from the corner of your bongs? Or how to make a smoking pipe out of a banana? Or wondering how to differentiate between RAW authentic paper and those fake ones you can find everywhere? Or something as simple as how to light a chillum? Fret not, we answer them all. It takes a lot of information and knowledge to become a passionate smoker. From the correct amount of herbs to the perfect consistency, you need to know every tiny detail to make your smoking experience into an excellent one. Moreover, when you know more, you can do more. We are a passionate bunch of people bringing information, unique and quirky facts, and a whole sea of knowledge to your screens. From Product Reviews to unfiltered data, you will find yourself immersed and interested. Are you ready to dive in?
  1. How to Use a Percolator Bong - The Complete Guide

    In our guide on percolator bongs, we explain what they are, how to use them, how it works, the different types, and the pros and cons. If you’re looking for a crash course on percolator bongs, take a look.
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  2. A Guide on Cannabis Edibles and How to Make Them at Home?

     Long gone are the days when you’d need to roll up joints to get your blaze on. Today, a bar of chocolate or a blueberry muffin can even do the trick. The secret ingredient? Cannabis oil, which turns almost any recipe into CBD/THC edibles. You can even make some at home and experiment with cookies, bread, candies, etc. to get your funk on. 

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  3. Terp Pearls Guide - What are Terp Pearls and How to Use Them?

    Terp Pearls, also known as Dab pearls, are an exquisite addition to the world of dabs and concentrates. Take a look at our guide to know more about the different types, working, and cleaning!
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  4. [Updated] Homemade Dab Guide: How to make Shatter?

    Looking for a fun DIY project with your weed? Check out the article and learn the easiest way to make a dope batch of shatter using a solvent-based method and without the use of solvent. Check it out!
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  5. [UPDATED] Smoking Dabs: What is Dabbing & How to do it

    Want to smoke cannabis concentrates and experience the best dab? But before that, read what dabs are, how are they made, what are the side effects, precautions to be taken, and much more.
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  6. How to Clean a Bong: The Ultimate Guide

    A dirty glass bong can accelerate the growth of fungi and bacteria in no time. In order to enjoy healthy smoke, keep them clean after every use. Read more!
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  7. The 10 Best Portable Vaporizer for Concentrates in 2021

    Are you looking for the best vaporizer online? From expensive to a cheap portable vaporizer, you'll find it all. In this article, check out the list of the best vaping brands.
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  8. 6 Most Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

    Even someone who has been smoking a vaping device for a long time can make mistakes. If you are not enjoying your vaping session, there is a high chance that you are doing it wrong. Read more!
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  9. [Updated] How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

    Cannabis can be detected through various tests. However, there is always the concern of how long can cannabis stay in your system. In our article, we explain the factors that influence & the different tests.
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