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Wondering how to clean the stubborn residue from the corner of your bongs? Or how to make a smoking pipe out of a banana? Or wondering how to differentiate between RAW authentic paper and those fake ones you can find everywhere? Or something as simple as how to light a chillum? Fret not, we answer them all. It takes a lot of information and knowledge to become a passionate smoker. From the correct amount of herbs to the perfect consistency, you need to know every tiny detail to make your smoking experience into an excellent one. Moreover, when you know more, you can do more. We are a passionate bunch of people bringing information, unique and quirky facts, and a whole sea of knowledge to your screens. From Product Reviews to unfiltered data, you will find yourself immersed and interested. Are you ready to dive in?
  • Unravelling the Mysteries of the Mac 1: A Deep Dive into a Premier Cannabis Strain

    Unravelling the Mysteries of the Mac 1: A Deep Dive into a Premier Cannabis Strain
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  • The Allure of Blue Dream: A Comprehensive Analysis of this Top Cannabis Strain

    The Allure of Blue Dream: A Comprehensive Analysis of this Top Cannabis Strain
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  • Cannabis Ruderalis: A Comprehensive Guide on the Rare Type

    Cannabis Ruderalis is an unknown member of the cannabis family, known to grow in unknown lands. The not-so-common green bud actually has an advantage in the weed world. Read more to find out about the species!
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  • [REVIEW] Super Silver Haze (SSH): How to Grow, Genetics, Effects

    The King of all Sativas, the Super Silver Haze strain still has a loyal fan base and continues to carry on the legacy attached to its name. Read the article to know more about its characteristics and effect.
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  • [REVIEW] Jack Herer Strain: How to Grow, Genetics, Effects

    Named after a renowned cannabis activist, the Jack Herer Strain continues to be one of the most sought-after strains in the canna-world with its appetising flavour & aroma. Take a look at the review here!
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  • London Pound Cake Strain: Genetics, Effects & Reviews

    London Pound Cake Strain is known for its mysterious indica-dominant parent, its uplifting and relaxing effect, and a tempting aroma and flavour. If you’re looking to know more about it, check out the article.
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  • [Strain Review] Strawberry Cough: History, Origin, & Terpenes

    If you’re looking to learn more about the delectable and mellow Strawberry Cough Strain, read our strain article that takes you through its genetics, aroma, effects, side-effects, medical benefits, and much more.
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  • What is Kief: How to Collect & Use It?

    If you have ever noticed the beige coloured powder in the corner of your grinder but never knew what it is, we address this in our blog. Read on to know more about Kief, how it is collected, and how to use it.
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  • Strain Talks: Why do People Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies?

    Girl Scout Cookies Strains are pretty famous in the canna-world. Known for their flavour & potency, they make a mark on the users. However, if you’re wondering what is so great about them, read more to find out.
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