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Wondering how to clean the stubborn residue from the corner of your bongs? Or how to make a smoking pipe out of a banana? Or wondering how to differentiate between RAW authentic paper and those fake ones you can find everywhere? Or something as simple as how to light a chillum? Fret not, we answer them all. It takes a lot of information and knowledge to become a passionate smoker. From the correct amount of herbs to the perfect consistency, you need to know every tiny detail to make your smoking experience into an excellent one. Moreover, when you know more, you can do more. We are a passionate bunch of people bringing information, unique and quirky facts, and a whole sea of knowledge to your screens. From Product Reviews to unfiltered data, you will find yourself immersed and interested. Are you ready to dive in?
  1. [Reviews] 10 Best RAW Tips & Filters: How to Choose?

    RAW products are more futuristic, innovative, and durable than any other in the market.. In this blog, we would be focusing on RAW tips & filters, along with a small guide on how you should choose the tips.
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  2. [Review] 10 Best CBD Oils: Benefits, Effects & Uses

    CBD Oil is currently raging in the Medical Cannabis Market with their long list of benefits & almost zero side-effects. In this article, we take a look at the 10 best CBD Oils, its benefits, effects, & more.
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  3. [Review] Mighty Vaporizer: Best Portable Vaporizer

    Mighty Vaporizer is one of the greatest creations of Storz & Bickel. In this article, we take a look at its many features, the drawbacks, the usage, & more to arrive at a conclusion. Check out the Review!
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  4. [REVIEW] Crafty+ Storz & Bickel Vaporizer : How to Use & Tips

    The latest invention of Storz & Bickel, the Crafty+ Vaporizer has some major upgrades from its previous version along with some drawbacks. Check out the review blog before making a purchase. Read more!
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  5. Best Diversion Safes for Weed: What’s Best for You?

    Hiding your weed can be a difficult task especially when you have prying noses & eyes around. Check out this list of Weed diversion Safe that discreetly & smartly hide your precious herbs without hassle.
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  6. [Review] Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah - Worth it or not?

    Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah/Bong is an exceptional smoking accessory designed to give a new look to the typical Gravity Bong. Take a look at our review blog which discusses the product in detail.
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  7. [Review] G pen Connect Vaporizer: A Reliable Connection

    When it comes to vaporizer, G pen Connect takes away the prize for offering a convenient dabbing experience. Check out the complete review of the vaporizer along with the pros, cons, & more. Check it out!
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  8. [REVIEW] G Pen Elite vs Pro: We Tried Both & Here's What We Think

    In this article, we take a look at all the prominent features including vapour quality, temperature, etc, of G Pen Elite and G Pen Pro, comparing and allowing you to make an informed decision. Check it out!
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  9. Basil Bush Bongs: Top 10 Bongs We Are Eyeing Upon in 2021

    Each Basil Bush Bongs is curated to be unique, efficient, and offers a magnitude of features that makes it an attractive buy. Take a look at the list of our top 10 bongs that will accentuate your collection.
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